Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Contribute to the care of mothers and babies interview Essay

Contribute to the care of mothers and babies interview - Essay Example I was particularly pleasantly surprised to learn that the father I have grown to imagine as tough and busy actually took his time to change my baby diapers in the middle of the nights. I also interviewed a 45 year old lady who has had three girls concerning the changes she has noticed in maternal care over the three different births and those of her sisters and friends. She reckons that each time she visits a maternity center she notices considerable improvements and more personalized health care. A third interview involved a 32 year old woman who shed more light on the various gadgets that she finds helpful in providing care for a new born and parenting. In the fourth interview with a 58 year old woman, we discussed the period of stay in hospital after child birth and some of the general positives and negatives one can contend with in a maternity. In my fifth and final interview, with a 68 year old woman, we looked at and debunked some common myths/ superstitions that are common regarding pregnancy. The roles of a father during and after pregnancy are ever changing with fathers becoming more engaged in the affairs of the expectant mother and the child (Koutoukidis, Stainton, and Hughson, 2013). This is unlike in the past when fathers would take a back seat or revel in the presence of a house help. Research indicates that the active involvement of fathers during and after pregnancy aids in the healthy all-round development of the child, increases bond and aids in the recovery of the mother, with activities such as changing nappies, bathing babies, organizing baby car seats, having contacts of who to call when necessary, preparing a baby area at home, ensuring healthy feeding of (expectant) mother, doing laundry, ensuring home safety, accompanying mother to clinical checkups before and after delivery (Koutoukidis, Stainton, and Hughson, 2013, 66), and so on, vital

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